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The SUV has been a wildly popular vehicle type and most carmakers have catered to people whose taste goes that way. Some SUVs are very utilitarian, that is people use them for work or they own them for very practical reasons. As the SUV gained popularity car manufacturers started to make other vehicles that mixed features of SUV and some other car type such as the station wagon.

SUV is Sports Utility Vehicle. What they are more specifically is a vehicle that is designed to be useful in off-road driving. Often SUV will have stronger motors and 4x4 capability allowing them to be use in places where you would never take your van or station wagon. The term SUV is increasingly added to vehicles that are not very useful for off-road use but are similar in style and size and this may cause some confusion when you are shopping.

The true SUV has become a tool very useful in the business world. Some use found in the business world include real estate agents, people in construction work, rescue workers, law enforcement and many others. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are more comfortable than a 4x4. The SUV is in most cases a large van type bodies on light to medium size truck platforms. This made them ideal for taking clients out to remote areas.

The first SUVs were more the size of minivans on smaller truck platforms but as its popularity grew and there are many crossover SUV vehicles now. The Honda CRV, AMC Eagle and Ford Territory are some prime examples of SUV that more like a station wagon. Most often the "Crossover SUV" are the smaller vehicles like the Honda CRV and the SUV are more the size of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As much as the usefulness of SUVs people purchase them also as a status symbol. They are generally more expensive than cars, minivans and other small to medium size vehicles. SUVs usually carry more features and look more impressive, for instance the Subaru Forester looks more impressive than the other Subaru station wagons. People choose to drive the larger more impressive vehicle and rarely use them to their potential.

No matter what your reason for purchasing an SUV you might consider other car types for economical reasons. A station wagon will cost less to get car insurance than any vehicle in the SUV classification. The fact a vehicle is being sold as an SUV may in some models just be marketing another vehicle type for a larger price tag without delivering additional benefits you would expect in an SUV such as 4WD.

No matter what you need a vehicle for the SUV has crossed into every segment of the automotive market place. From consumers to law enforcement and even the military the SUV has found a home and a purpose. When you shop for your SUV you will find that is a broad selection to choose from. Review sites especially with user comments and sites like ours will be helpful to pick the one that is right for your needs.